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Who can resist that tasty scent that reminds you of childhood? Tutti-fruti, strawberry, chocolate ...

Although the demand for foods with low level of trans fat and the minimum sugar content has increased, no one wants to give up flavor. Therefore, our aromas are developed following trends of world consumption, highlighting the identity of typically national flavors.

We offer aromas for application in candies, desserts, chewing gum, sweets, ice cream, chocolates, cookies, breads, cakes, cereal bars and more.

Fruit aromas, Chestnuts, Vanilla, Gourmet Notes, Mints, Exotic Fruits, etc. Contact us to discuss your flavor needs for culinary products.



Do you prefer spicy and exotic flavors or that taste of home-cooked food?

G.Gianonne offers a wide variety of culinary aromas for products that are trendy and pleasing to the most discerning palates. That's why we are constantly innovating and bringing creative ideas that add value, health and flavor to food.

Foods free of trans fat, low in sodium and calories, frozen, canned, packaged and instant bring practicality and speed in the preparation of meals, however, need to conquer by smell, consumer confidence.

We offer aromas for use in snacks, soups, pizzas, seasonings, sauces, instant noodles and more. Meat Flavors, Seafood, Mushrooms, Herbs, Cheeses, Fried Notes, Baked Notes, Cooked Notes, Vegetables, Vegetables.

Contact us to discuss your flavor needs for culinary products.



Who has never heard that good medicine tastes bad or is it bitter? The truth is that it does not have to be this way! Therefore, the industries use aromas to improve the taste of medicines, thus reducing cases of treatment aversion and increasing consumer acceptance.

We develop aromas for application in pharmaceuticals and Oral Hygiene in tablets, syrups, sports nutrition, mouthwashes, creams and dental threads, etc.

Aromas of mint, vanilla, anise, tutti-frutti, strawberry, eucalyptus, anise, cherry, honey, ginger, cinnamon, clove, among others.

Contact us to talk about their aromas requirements for pharmaceuticals.



Creamy and tasty, the dairy foods use aromas that act as reinforcers of the characteristics of the ingredients used in the formulation of the final product, intensifying and fixing its flavor.

We develop aromas for application in creams, yogurts, ice creams, cheeses, among others.

We offer aromas of Vanilla, Butter, Cheeses, Fruit, Coconut, Chantilly, etc.

Contact us to discuss your dairy flavoring needs.



We all know that our little animals have the pointed lighthouse and feel by far the smell of good food. To meet these increasingly demanding "customers", G. Giannone offers a wide variety of "Palatabilizantes" aromas, that is, substances that are added to the animal's food providing more pleasant flavors.

Our aromas are developed following the trends of consumption and especially keeping in mind the need to create products that are increasingly nutritious, tasty and healthy for animals of various sizes.

These flavorings can also help in the exchange of diets, such as at weaning, where consumption drops dramatically if it does not have a pleasant flavoring to the olfactory and gustatory perceptions of the puppy. Liquid Flavors, Aroma Powder and reaction flavors.

Contact us to talk about their aromas needs for animal nutrition products.



A cool drink to refresh, a drink with friends to relax or even a juice with the children. The beverage market has endless possibilities and is always launching new trends and flavors.

Soy-based beverages have grown all over the world, as well as DIET / LIGHT and energy products, thus creating a new need in the aroma segment: flavor suitability.

G.Gianonne has a wide portfolio of emulsions and aromas for liquid and / or powdered drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic for use in juices, soft drinks, isotonic drinks, aerated waters, among others. Aromas of Guarana, Cola Nut, Orange, Coffee, Anise, Lima-Lemon, Cashew and more.

Contact us to discuss your beverage flavor needs.


Healthy and tasty dehydrated fruits are directly related to a healthier diet and the best, allow the fruits of the season to be available for consumption at any time of the year as their durability is longer.

From the beginning of their activity, G.Gianonne has mastered techniques of dehydration of foods in such a way that they do not lose their nutritional qualities, flavor and aroma.

Contact us and learn more about our portfolio of dehydrated products.


Our sense of smell is of the five senses that most moves our emotions and the so-called olfactory memory, that is, fragrances of flowers and perfumes, for example, can transport us to special moments and situations.

A simple fragrance can make an unforgettable product!

Contact us and find out more about our fragrances.