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Our history begins in 1927 in Messina, a small seaside town in Sicily among Mediterranean flavors and aromas.

There, Gaetano Giannone lived from his basic activity: extraction of essential oils and production of crystallized fruits, later he decided to found Giannone & Cia. Ltda., An Italian family company. The numerous difficulties of the Economic Crisis motivated the family to immigrate to Brazil in 1929, settling in the interior of São Paulo, Sorocaba, becoming one of the pioneers in the production of these products in Brazil.

Many years of work took place when, in 1998, Caetano Eduardo Giannone, Gaetano’s grandson, started the expansion of the company creating the fragrance division under the name G.Giannone & Cia. Ltda.

From there, the company becomes one of the largest producers of flavorings for all segments of the food market.

1919 - 1929


Gaetano Giannone
extracts essential
oils with advanced techniques
for the time in Messina, Italy.

GGiannone Fachada Antiga

Gaetano Giannone
inaugurates Gianone &
Cia Ltda. also in Messina, Italy.


Gianonne & Cia arrives in Brazil, in the
city of Sorocaba, São Paulo.

GGiannone Fachada Antiga

Gaetano Giannone brings its products to São Paulo
and opens a stand, which is next to his friend Giuseppe Cutrale who also sells oranges from Sicily.


Purchase of machinery and acquisition of new markets,
becoming the pioneer in the extraction of essential oils through cold extraction.


Increasing the portfolio by concentrated
products and derivatives.

GGiannone Fachada Antiga

Products export such as cider and fruit crystallized to Europe, especially to Netherlands.


Increase of the production, conquering
South American customers, such as Argentina, with companies which are leaders in the markets where they work.


Caetano Gianonne, the founder´s grandson, creates a
division of aromas under the name of G. Gianonne & Cia Ltda.


Beginning the activities of the new plant in Sorocaba.

GGiannone Fachada Antiga

Installation of equipment and conquest of new markets.


Inauguration of the G. Gianonne & Cia Ltda.,
with the most modern facilities in the market to meet the needs of national and international customers.


Increase production and standardization of
systems according to the international quality patterns.


Improvement of processes and environmental awareness.


Diverse investments, advances in research and
development for greater productivity and innovations.

GGiannone Fachada Antiga


Increase of 4,000 meters in its manufacturing area with new installations.
Beginning of the works for the building of fragrances and acquisition of Dry Spray.


Over the years, our products quality has gained popularity, leading to increased production and number of customers. Therefore, the need to grow has meant that, in 2007, the company inaugurated its new factory in the city of Sorocaba.

Currently, G.Gianonne & Cia. Ltda. has 26,000 square meters of floor space, with 6,000 meters of infrastructure: with an administrative center, state-of-the-art laboratories, strong production line and an approved helipad, which brings comfort, security and agility to our customers and partners.

In our history, we have a serious commitment to the quality and trust we have earned from our customers. Therefore, we maintain a strict internal control - our laboratories and production areas were built based on the concept Clean Room - Controlled environment. This is our commitment and differential to meet the strictest quality requirements, especially in the pharmaceutical market.

We also consider essential points: our raw materials undergo numerous tests before they are developed and only work with internationally certified suppliers; high-tech equipment to ensure the products quality, such as the filtration of air circulating within the industrial environment. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of the final product, complying with the highest standards in relation to international patterns, also according to the need and specification of the customer, with constant updates and technical improvement.

All this rigor with quality also applies to what we believe is our duty: to preserve the environment and natural resources. Therefore, we maintain a system of capture and rainwater treatment, filtration and purification of air released into the atmosphere. These measures contribute to saving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.